About Me

I’m Will, a teacher, blogger, and music lover. I grew up in England, but now I live in Spain where I teach private English classes to dozens of wonderful students.

I started this website to share my knowledge and experience with new and experienced EFL/ESL teachers alike.

That means giving insight into how much you can earn as a TEFL teacher around the world, how to start out in the industry, and the best way to get started as a private tutor.

On top of that, I love writing about classroom techniques and activities. I try out a lot of games and activities with my students, so I can give real-life tips on how to use them effectively.

Something I have incorporated into my teaching in the last couple of years is role play. I do this through role-play scenarios as well as table-top role playing games which are an absolute hit. I’m working on designing a TTRPG specifically for EFL/ESL classes as I think this could transform English learning.

Plaza de España, Sevilla

Despite studying biology at university, I found teaching was my passion, moving to Madrid as a TEFL teacher in 2015. Since then, I’ve gained a PGCE in Primary education as well as six years of experience teaching in primary schools, language academies and private classes.

From my years of experience with private classes, I’ve developed many games and systems for high-quality learning while keeping my students engaged and enjoying their learning.

I favour a creative and student-centred approach. The days of standing at the front of a classroom and lecturing should be left in the past, and I also avoid grammar exercises and worksheets where possible. That’s not to say there’s no room for them at all, but my style is more dynamic.

However, I do also enjoy helping students prepare for important English exams and developing fluency with less confident individuals.

My job is my passion, and writing about it brings me great joy. I hope my readers can share in the happiness!