Mexico is an attractive destination for tourists thanks to its beautiful beaches, rich food and exciting culture. TEFL teachers may also be drawn to its colourful allure. But how much money could you make teaching English there?

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Typically, TEFL teachers in Mexico earn Mex$8K-20K (US$400-1,000) per month, mostly in language academies, the main employers. International schools pay Mex$16K-24K (US$800-1,200) which can rise even higher. Private classes earn anywhere from Mex$100 to Mex$400 (US$5-20) an hour.

If you’ve researched salaries in other countries around the world, you’ll know the earnings in Mexico are right at the lower end of the spectrum. But don’t rule out a trip there quite yet. There’s plenty more you need to know to make a balanced decision.

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Options and earnings for TEFL teachers in Mexico

The major employers of TEFL teachers in Mexico are language academies. Teachers with degree level teaching qualifications and a bit of experience can apply to jobs in international schools where the pay is higher and more stable.

For everyone, there’s the opportunity of giving private classes, which can make a nice supplement to your main income.

It’s worth mentioning you can get work in public schools in Mexico, but the pay is pitiful, so I haven’t included it as a realistic option here.

Earnings SourcePer Hour (US$)Hours Per WeekPer Month (US$)Annual Estimate (US$)
International Schools6-930-40800-1,2009.6K-14.4K
Language Academies4-1020-30400-1,0004.8K-12K
Private Classes5-2020400-1,6004.8K-19.2K

There’s quite a lot of variation in the figures in the table. That’s because Mexico is a large and diverse country with large urban areas and very rural regions. The cities pay a lot more than the countryside.

What also differs is the cost of living. Regardless of where you stay, it’s not expensive to live in Mexico.

Out in the countryside, you could get by on as little as Mex$8K (US$400) a month, while in the cities, you’re looking at double that – around Mex$16K (US$800). That’s still pretty cheap.

Getting a work visa isn’t too hard. When you’ve got proof of employment, you can apply and get the documents without too much trouble, and if you’re lucky, your employer might help you with the process.

The school year in Mexico starts in mid-August and finishes around the end of June/start of July. There are holidays in December and March. So a pretty standard school year. The best time to search for jobs is June/July – ready for the start of the new academic cycle.

Schools in Mexico typically begin classes at 8.00 a.m. and end the day at around 1 p.m. If you’re working in a language academy, however, you’ll probably have to be flexible, sometimes working early in the morning and late in the evening to fit around school and work hours.

How much do TEFL teachers make in language academies in Mexico?

Chances are, if you’re a new or inexperienced TEFL teacher, your best option for employment in Mexico is in a language academy. Pay ranges from Mex$8K (US$400) to Mex$20K (US$1,000).

Expect the lower end of this range if you’re new. Perhaps in Mexico City and Guadalajara the starting salary is a little higher, but to get the upper end of the pay scale, you’ll need a few years of experience.

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The wages aren’t that bad considering you’ll work 20-30 hours a week. It gives you enough to live off and plenty of time to enjoy yourself.

To get a job in a language academy, you don’t necessarily need a bachelor’s degree (any subject), although it helps. What will definitely aid you in getting employed is a good TEFL certificate.

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ESL Base has a great list of language academies in Mexico. Some global names are present there, like Berlitz, International House and Wall Street English, but don’t be afraid to look at the local companies, too.

How much do TEFL teachers make in international schools in Mexico?

International schools offer well-paid jobs across the globe, and Mexico is no different. Salaries depend on the prestige of the school in question and the qualities of the teacher applying, but in general, TEFL teachers can make Mex$16K-24K (US$800-1,200) per month.

The downsides of working in an international school are the longer hours and higher standards. Positions are more competitive, too. Most places will demand a teaching license and a couple of years of experience. The flip side is that you get a fixed, stable income, regular hours, and decent working conditions.

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How much do TEFL teachers make from private classes in Mexico?

With hourly rates ranging from Mex$100 to Mex$400 per hour (US$5-20), private classes offer a great way to supplement your income.

You can only find the higher rates in major cities like Guadalajara and Mexico City, where richer people live. In rural areas, US$10 an hour is about as high as you can expect.

Going full time as a freelancer with in-person private classes isn’t possible for most people, as you can’t get a working visa without employment. Instead, if you took three classes a week at US$10 an hour, you’d earn an extra $120 a month. That kind of money goes a long way in Mexico!

For more on how to get started as a private EFL/ESL teacher, read my article on the topic: How to Get Started as an EFL/ESL Private Tutor: Full guide.


If you’re hoping to get rich through TEFL, Mexico is one of the worst destinations you can choose. Like most other Latin American countries, pay is low.

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However, living there is cheap, and the lifestyle is better than a lot of other nations. Whether you want beaches, food, history, or parties, Mexico has enough diversity and vibrance to ensure you have a great time.

It’s also pretty easy to get started. You don’t need lots of expensive qualifications, so if you’re hoping to break into the industry or don’t want to stay for long, Mexico could be the place for you.

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