Central Europe is becoming an increasingly popular place to visit thanks to the incredible architecture, history and affordable lifestyle. And there are plenty of opportunities for TEFL teachers to find a job. But how much can you earn in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia?

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In general, TEFL teachers in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia earn between $600 and $1,200 at language academies, by far the most common employers. Private tutors can charge a good rate, averaging around $15-20 per hour.

In many respects, the three countries share the same appeal for TEFL teachers: a central location, low requirements for getting a job, and a modest cost of living relative to the rest of Europe. But each country has its own pros and cons. Read the rest of this article for the full picture.

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Options and earnings for TEFL teachers in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia

The top source of employment for TEFL teachers in the three countries is language academies.

Many TEFL teachers supplement their earnings by giving private classes and it’s often possible to earn a higher monthly wage by going full time as a freelance private tutor.

In Hungary, there’s the option of joining the Central European Teaching Program (CETP) which has its own perks and may be a good option for those hoping to stay for a year without needing to get a TEFL certificate or other qualifications.

In this article, I’ll use US$ as the currency throughout for clarity and ease of comparison. Slovakia use the Euro, which has a similar value to the dollar, while the Czech Republic still has the Koruna and Hungary use the Forint.

Czech Republic

Earnings SourcePer Hour ($)Hours Per WeekPer Month ($)Annual Estimate ($)
Language Academies8-1320-30800-1,3009.6K-15.6K
Private Tutoring10-2020800-1,6009.6K-19.2K


Earnings SourcePer Hour ($)Hours Per WeekPer Month ($)Annual Estimate ($)
Language Academies6-1020-30600-1,0007.2K-12K
Private Tutoring9-1820700-1,4009.6K-19.2K
*salary is approximately $500 plus provided accommodation


Earnings SourcePer Hour ($)Hours Per WeekPer Month ($)Annual Estimate ($)
Language Academies5-1020-30500-1,0006K-12K
Private Tutoring15-24201,200-1,90014.4K-22.8K

These figures put the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia in the lower-middle bracket of countries in terms of gross earnings. Salaries are much lower than nearby countries like Germany and Austria, but are by no means the lowest in the world.

As always, it’s important to look at how salaries compare to living costs. Here are the estimated expenses for a single person living a standard lifestyle in each country.

  • Czech Republic: $800-1,200
  • Hungary: $600-1,000
  • Slovakia: $800-1,200

Most TEFL teachers in these countries can break even without having to cut too many costs, and some may even save a little money.

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As all three countries are EU member states, any EU citizen can move there and start working without having to go through a visa process. Non-EU citizens have to get a work visa, with employment in the country a necessary requirement.

There is an exception in the Czech Republic. Even non-EU citizens can set up as a freelancer, or work for whoever they like in the country, by getting a Zivnostensky visa (business visa). This can be expensive and has certain requirements, but gives you a lot more freedom. Find out more at the Czech government site.

How much do TEFL teachers make in language academies in Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia?

Most TEFL practitioners who work in one of these three countries works, or has worked in a language academy. They provide regular lessons and pay without demanding expensive qualifications.

Typically, language academies in the Czech Republic pay salaries of $800-1,300 (CZK 20,000-30,000) per month. In Hungary, average monthly salaries are $600-1,000 (HUF 270K-450K) and in Slovakia, $500-1,000 (EUR 500-1,000).

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Language academies in these countries usually require you to have a bachelor’s degree (in any subject) and a minimum of a 120-hour TEFL certificate.

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You’ll find the majority of language academies in major cities, notably the capitals Prague, Budapest and Bratislava, but there are plenty of others in smaller towns where salaries may be lower, but living is cheaper.

ESL Base has put together some great lists of language academies in all three countries:

How much do TEFL teachers make from private tutoring in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia?

Private tutoring is a great option for TEFL teachers who want to boost their income, or even go full time as a freelancer. If you can find enough students, you can be your own boss and earn a better hourly wage.

Typical hourly rates for private tutoring in the Czech Republic range from $10 to $20 (CZK 250-500). In Hungary, they average $9-18 (HUF 4,000-8,000) and in Slovakia, $15-24 (EUR 15-24). Experienced, qualified tutors can charge higher rates.

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If you’re serious about freelancing, being a member of the EU is a must, unless you go to the Czech Republic. There, if you can get the Zivnostensky visa, you can do it no matter where you’re from.

To earn the better rates as a private tutor, you need to find students and deal with the logistics of being self-employed.

For the full guide on becoming an English tutor, read my article: How to Get Started as an EFL/ESL Private Tutor.

How Much do TEFL Teachers Make on the Central European Teaching Program (CETP)?

The Central European Teaching Program runs in Hungary. It gets native-English speakers working in public schools around the country. Contracts usually run for 10 months, from September to June.

The pay depends a little on the area and the school in question, but is around $500 per month. You also get your accommodation provided as well as visa and health care. That means it’s financially a better option than most language academies.

To find out more about the CETP, head to the official website.


TEFL teachers in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia won’t get rich on a typical salary. In fact, most will just about manage to break even on a language academy wage. If you’re in it for the money, look elsewhere.

But if you’re attracted by the culture, the mystery and the possibility of seeing a different side to Europe than the likes of France, Spain and Italy, these central European countries could be perfect for you!

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